Freelance Electrical Engineering Technician that specializes in troubleshooting and debugging complicated system failures, problems, and glitches associated with Process Control, Motor Controls, Automation, Robotics and Electro-Mechanical (hydraulic, pneumatic, instrumentation ) Installations.

No accurate documentation?
No wiring diagrams?
No schematics/ladder diagram?
No parts description?

I can “Reverse Engineer” any system and provide As-Built-Documentation for the completed project.
Diagnosis of the problem GUARANTEED!
Preventative/Predictive Maintenance Programs set up and performed. Minimize Down Time - Maximize Production Time. Professional Installation available for all types of equipment



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There are basically three types of troubleshooters:

1. “The Parts Swapper”
You know; everyone’s had to deal with the service guy that spends all day running back and forth to the supply house getting another part to swap out to see “if that’ll fix it”! All of that running around costs money and it’s reflected in the exorbitant bill you have to pay for all of those new parts that you really didn’t need!

2. “The Memory Mechanic”
He’s a great guy to have around if you’re dealing with the same issues time and time again but you have to wonder – why do those issues keep re-occurring? What happens if something new fails with your system! Is the “Memory Mechanic” going to be able to fit that?

3. The “Professionally Trained Troubleshooter”
that doesn’t rely strictly on EXPERIENCE but rather on- sound industry standard procedures that came from years of formal training within the field of expertise!


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